To All Of My Grandchildren
              I Love You
              Family First
       You are only   limited by the barriers       you place around               yourself...
    if something isn't         right, reach out and            ask for help
Not everyone you love will love you back, You     must love yourself
Be Humble
Learn by others mistakes and admit your mistakes and always listen to "experience"
                      "The amount of love you can receive from any
           other source is only equal to the love you have for yourself..."
                           Loving yourself is a requirement
                       This was the biggest revelation of my life
                 Last but not least, always have a sense of humor
                            Itll come in handy I promise...
            Because after you follow all the rules and do everything right
                     everything will still go down the shitter...
          Suck it up buttercup Ya just have to cry then laugh and start over...
                           Lifes full of mountains and valleys...
               If ya work hard enough and never give up and never be
                           afraid of failure and be fearless...
              Maybe, just maybe...all of your dreams will come true...
                     The road to get there is a requirement also
                               Ive made alot of mistakes...
                I dont want the ones I love most to repeat them